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Magoo Paddle Board Range

Magoo Dory Stand Up Paddle BoardBundeena Kayaks sells the range of Magoo Stand Up Paddle Boards and sup accessories. Boards can be viewed and test paddled at our base at Bundeena.

Gotta get up, gotta get up, gotta get up – woh oh
Gotta get up, gotta get up, gotta get up –  oh oh
And time won’t take my love away!
The lyrics to a fav 80s song Ride on Time, by Black Box
Never really paid much attention to what the lyrics meant (hope they are not too smutty), but thought it an apt introduction to our range of Magoo Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Magoo specialises in the production of epoxy stand up paddle boards, impressing beginners right through to experienced paddlers. All boards in the range have their own special performance qualities, however every board is still extremely versatile and able to handle both cruising and surfing. This means you don’t need to clutter your garage up with multiple boards, you can just get one board that is a great allrounder.

Goby 10’6″ Paddle Board / SUP Board – for smaller bods or when surfing will rule over cruising
Dory 11’4″ Paddle Board/SUP Board – perfect allrounder, great for cruising and surfing small to mid size waves
Mackerel 12′ Paddle Board/SUP Board – best for bigger bods or a bod and a dog! Speedy cruiser and handle well in small surf

Magoo boards also look cool out on the water,and our range of Funky Fish designs stand out superbly. We use patterns designed in Hawaii – the home of stand up paddle boarding – by a team of professional graphic designers.

Every paddleboard in the Magoo range does it all – from cruising to surfing  you can expect top performance. Our boards are stable, light-weight, track superbly and they look amazingly hot out on the water.

Boards are constructed using high grade materials and processes. The paddle boards are made using high density EPS foam (watch out for cheaper brands on the market that use weak low density foams), all boards have a wooden stringers, which provide extra internal support, multiple layers of UV treated epoxy to protect against fading, extra strengthening on standing areas, rails and around fin box and gore plugs to vent air caused by changes in temperature.

Magoo Paddle Boards are an Australian brand that hit the market in 2010 after a team of sup/surf enthusiasts and experienced shapers worked together to design a range that is right on target in terms of quality, performance, budget and looks. We have personally vistited the factory where the boards are made to ensure worksmanship and conditions are top notch and we always maintain close contact with the factory throughout production.

With Magoo you can expect the quality and performance of top priced paddle boards and accessories without the hefty price tag. As well as paddle boards, Magoo have a range of paddling accessories including leashes, sup paddles, board and paddle bags. For more goss on the range of Magoo Paddle Boards SUP boards and accessories check out the website: www.magoopaddleboards.com.au


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